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(category: art/entertainment)

I was honored to have the opportunity to shoot/direct/produce the official music video for "Réanimé", the hit french-language single off my sister, singer/songwriter Shaina Wexler's EP, "Tout ou Rien". We were thrilled to shoot in the beautiful city of San Francisco, which provides a lovely backdrop for a truly gorgeous song!






(category: business)

A three minute overview of the vast array of creative multimedia work I produce. Cinematic Videography. Motion Graphics. Uniquely Styled Animation. Art & Design.


(category: art/entertainment)

An emo rock music video inspired by a fever dream! This music video is part of my on-going independent music project under my moniker, Gabe Classic.




(category: entertainment)

Classical guitarist, Mason Razavi, composed a five movement classical guitar piece with visions in his head of a misunderstood monster trying to coexist with terrified villagers. Mason hired me to bring his vision to life through my unique style of animation and film making. I created all the visuals to the short film, "Monster Suite", which occur along side his lovely classical guitar piece of the same name. This is the preview trailer for the film, which comes with Mason's new album.



A Conversation with Tony Nash

(category: business)

A promo video I produced for world-wide hair stylist, Tony Nash. Tony currently works his magic in a salon right on Union Square in San Francisco, CA. This interview is a great way to get to know Tony and hear his passion and inspirations. Mr. Nash knows style and fashion!



THE FINGER (Director's Cut)
(category: art/entertainment)

"The Finger" is a short film written, directed, and animated by my self in 2004. Shown in film festivals across North America, it was nominated for Best Of Show at the 2006 Damah Film Festival in Culver City, CA. This 2012 Director's Cut features an all new original soundtrack composed by myself, Gabe Classic, featuring the violin styling of Samuel Wexler. This film has been described as "Powerful", "Haunting", and "Disturbing" by festival goers.



(category: art/entertainment)

Rock out to my psytrance smash, "Rave Bacon"! This song and music video was written, produced, directed, animated, and edited by myself as part of my on going electronic music project under the moniker, Gabe Classic. The colorful retina-burning visuals come fast and there's a nice selection of official Rave Bacon Merch to keep the dance party going! (Explicit Lyrics)



FIRE RAIN | Existential Poetry
(category: art/entertainment)

The rain fell hard just after midnight in my urban metropolis. As I looked up into the sky I was mesmerized, the light dancing and bending in the downpour. Inspired, I blended poetry and music to capture my streams of thought.

Get "Fire Rain" Merch HERE.

Buy the MP3 HERE.




(category: art/entertainment)

The cool and colorful music video for my passionate dancey and trancey song, "Chromatic Aberration". It combines long late-night ponderings and early morning dreaming with a fun beat and ethereal trance synths.





(category: art/entertainment) (lyrics NSFW)

My electro/pop dance track, "PTERODACTYL LOVE" is the song of the summer! This song and music video was written, produced, directed, animated, performed and edited by me, as yet another piece in my on-going electronic music project under my moniker, Gabe Classic. Find more music tracks in my music section and get trendy Pterodactyl Love Merchandise!


(category: business)

Author, Brixton Key, hired me to produce a promotional video for him as he embarked on his famous "Alley Tour" in San Francisco and beyond, promoting his critically acclaimed debut novel, Charlie Six. This piece combines documentary footage from his first reading with motion graphics capturing the energy of being there as history was made.




(category: art/entertainment)

Back in 2005 in response to a personal betrayal, I wrote, directed, shot, performed, and edited this hilarious parody of the Backstreet Boys song "Incomplete" as a humorous expression of pain and frustration. A favorite of many across the net, I consider it a work of hilarious art. This video will have you rolling with laughter AND singing along! Ladies and gentlemen, I present the N'Street Guys, with their hit single "You're Crazy"! This IS a parody, so if you haven't seen the original, you can find it here.




(category: business)

I was asked to shoot and produce this PSA with Captain Sully Sullenberger (of emergency landing on the Hudson River fame) to draw public awareness to the FAA's new insufficient pilot fatigue rules and to motivate action. The video was posted on Captain Sully's facebook profile. Public response was impressive and tens of thousands of letters were sent!




(category: art/PSA)

I produced this PSA with my brother, musician Samuel Wexler, to draw attention to the natural resources available to us that we often overlook. Pumpkins are fun to carve during Halloween time, but they can be used for so much more! Pumpkins are actually food!




(category: business)

Brixton Key hired me to produce a promotional video for his critically acclaimed debut novel, Charlie Six. The trailer combines sights and sounds from the 1960s with a brief passage from the book that evokes the spirit of the times. In addition to the video promo, I also designed the book cover, website, and some promotional materials.



(category: business)

Reel Productions, having recently updated their logo and changed their look, needed a sleek new branding animation. They came to me for the update, asking that it be both modern and timeless simultaneously. I created this high definition logo animation in 1080p and they loved the results.


(category: business & entertainment)

Career Element, a start-up out of Stanford, wanted an introductory video for their website that would be both informative, instructing users how to use their services, and entertaining, creating a fun and buzz-worthy vibe. I collaborated with their team, writing, animating, editing and scoring this piece which fondly parodies a familiar sci-fi cultural staple.


(category: art/entertainment)

My uncle, artist Harold Wexler, brought me a series of drawings he had done in the 1970s. Though incomplete, the art style hooked me, as no one really draws that way anymore. I took the drawings and produced this short film from them, animating, creating an enigmatic narrative, and scoring and producing a soundtrack for the piece. What resulted is this intriguing short film regarding our origins. This is a short clip as the film is still in production with Harold Wexler providing more fantastic art.


(category: business)

In 2008, Exploration Films commissioned me to edit and animate many pieces of media for them, including pieces for their TV show "Exploration Films Television", EF Podcasts, and other properties they hold the rights to. In this sample is the intro I created for their TV show, "Exploration Films Television".


(category: art/poetry)

A Poetic Chronicle of a Broken Heart, I wrote the book, "BROKEN: Volume 1", over a period of 18 months. Featuring dark poetry, unique drawings, and vivid word imagery, "Broken" taps deep into youthful emotions that are difficult to face. This video features a poem from the book, read aloud, animated, and set to original music, which I co-wrote with my rock band, Dying Blynd. The book is available for purchase here.



(category: business)

When the Northern California Allied Trades Association wanted an eye-catching promotional video to bring awareness and understanding to the services they provide, they came to me to make it happen. As writer/director/producer for the project, I brought all the pieces together and created a sleek, quick-moving, and informative design that moves viewers seamlessly from one set of information to the next.


(category: business)

Barbary Coast Consulting, in San Francisco, CA, wanted a marketing video for their web site, to give potential clients an overview of the services they provide. Upon meeting with me, we put together a plan of action which would bring their vision to life. Capturing their team doing what it does best through-out the city, I provided multiple motion graphics possibilities from which they were able to choose their favorite, resulting in a piece which blended corporate professionalism and casual approachability that was both informative and friendly.


(category: business)

Nightlife is a huge part of San Francisco and California life. The California Music and Culture Association (CMAC) asked me to produce this video on a tight deadline for their big launch party at Mezzanine SF, and for exhibition on their website,, to bring a unified voice to the nightlife industry.


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