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Under the moniker, "Gabe Classic", I have embarked on the production of an, as of yet, untitled electronic music project...












As time flows so quickly, it's easy to let old work disappear with out a trace. Instead of allowing this old beat that I created back in the day to vanish, I combined it with old journal entries from years past, creating a brand new experience that both dances hard, yet feels deep. [Chromatic Aberration]





"Prettiest Bruise (Gabe Classic Edit)" is my new remix/edit of a song I wrote with my old Colorado rock band, Dying Blynd. You can buy the track using the bandcamp widget above. The music video was created using old home video footage and photos of the band performing and in the studio in 2006 - 2008.




"Rave Bacon" is a gigantic psytrance track sure to bring about the apocalypse!
With it's dirty trance hook, driving energy, and bizarre sensibilities, this
one will have you pounding the dance floor. The retina-burning
music video below was produced, directed, and edited by yours truly and once you've assaulted your senses, you can show everyone on the dance floor that you ARE the Rave Bacon with the Official Rave Bacon Merch!

Rave Bacon Merch!
Pig Oinker Merch




My electro/pop dance track, "PTERODACTYL LOVE" is the song of the summer!pTerodactyl"! Listen and buy the mp3 above and check out the music video to the left. Official Pterodactyl Love Merch can be found here! (lyrics NSFW)




Fire Rain features existential poetry put to ponderous music. What are we doing here?

Get "Fire Rain" Merch HERE.
Buy the MP3 HERE.


I had the priviledge of remixing the first music single from my sister, singer/song-writer/actress, Shaina Wexler. This electro/pop/dubstep-ish remix features her full powered vocals along with violin stylings written and performed by my talented brother, Samuel Wexler.



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Dying Blynd
Genre: Rock           2005 - 2008

From 2005 through 2008, I was the vocalist/front man and song writer
for my rock band, Dying Blynd. The music is potent both melodically and lyrically, combining catchy hooks, edgy guitar riffs and lyrical complexity that is both memorable and intriguing.


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